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If needed, I have all of the collateral.

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InDesign project


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Job recommendation

July 23, 2010

To Whom It May Concern,


Please consider this letter a warm and enthusiastic recommendation on behalf of Lorilee Bell, who has been a student of mine at the University of South Florida’s School of Mass Communications.

I had the pleasure of having Ms. Bell as a student in my beginning reporting class last spring.

I have found her to be an extremely bright, engaging and dedicated student, whose presence enhanced the educational experience for the rest of the class.

Ms. Bell is a very fine writer, who I am sure could readily handle any responsibility or task assigned to her. It is my sincere belief her presence within any organization would be a welcomed asset.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information or insight.

Very truly yours,

Daniel Ruth

School of Mass Communications

The University of South Florida



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Is the text worth it?

Again Again Final

This is a group project that we did for our public relations research class.  Our assignment was to conduct research on the consequences of texting while driving.

We created a PSA (posted below this blog) and conducted a survey.  The report shows data collected regarding people’s awareness, attitudes, and behaviors toward texting while driving.

Our fabulous group: Ryan Hines | Patricia Erickson | Danielle Sanchez | Lorilee Bell

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Is the text worth it?

This is a PSA that we made in our public relations research class.  The PSA focuses on the dangers of texting while driving.

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Jury duty

Irritation, anxiety, and that Oh my God feeling, are thoughts traveling through ones mind when they receive their jury summons — trying to figure out if there is anyway to get out of this.

These emotions should not be felt.  As a society, we should look at it as an invitation to participate in our judicial system and being proud that we live in a democracy. We could be citizens of Iraq.

Recently, I received my jury summons, and, at first, I had the feeling of dread.  Oh, I have to drive downtown in rush hour traffic, miss 2 classes, and spend my entire day cooped up in the jury waiting room.

But, that is being selfish.

What happen if the role was turned around? How would I feel if people just blew off their jury summons because they too had the same feelings I experienced when I opened up the mail box.

Our government doesn’t impose much on its citizens; paying taxes, registering for the military, and jury duty, and with these imposes we have the greatest nation in the world.  Because of these ‘forced’ imposes we have a strong military, the right to practice religion, freedom of speech, the right to run for office, the right to a trial by our peers, and the right to be innocent before proven guilty.

And Leroy Williams, the defendant, deserves these same considerations that every citizen does.

It was upsetting to actually witness at how many people did not want to be there and how disrespectful they were to the judicial system, blatantly making sure that they would NEVER be chosen for a trial their entire life.  Raising their hands to every question and in this case a few were actually racist.

Yes, racist.

It’s heartbreaking that people will say and do anything to get out of jury duty or do they really feel this way?

In this case, the jury poll was 30 people, and, at least, 5 people pulled the racist card.  They felt Leroy Williams was guilty just because he’s an African American and said that they could not give him a fair trial.

Another factor was people do not want to be bothered.  Their comments were: “I’m too busy, I don’t have a job, I can’t sit still for a long time, my mind will be on my job, I don’t like listening to court stuff, I will be bored, and I have problems paying attention.”

That’s really scary — some of these comments sound like responses from elementary children.

The potential juror’s faces were priceless too. Looking around the room, the others looked like they were the ones getting 20 years to life.

This experience has reinstated that feeling of being a true American. That we as a society shouldn’t just shrug off our civic duties and to not take our freedoms for granted, because one day we could be in Mr. Williams shoes.

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Interview project


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social media monitoring assignment

This is a project for my public relations research class.  Our group monitored Walt Disney World.  Our assignment was to research what the public was discussing  about Disney parks on different social media websites.



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Did I ever tell you I was a contestant on….

Have you ever known “something” was going to happen before it happens? You don’t understand why…you just know.  In 1994, I had a premonition. At that time, I was married and my two children, Haylee, 5, and Christopher, 7, didn’t believe me.  The ONLY person who believed me was my mother. My friends, co-workers, family, and worst of all, my husband thought I was crazy.  Guess what??? I wasn’t.  I knew when I booked my flight to California….I was going to be on The Price is Right….

On the way to the airport, my husband and I got into one of the biggest arguments of our marriage. He told me that he didn’t think it was a good idea for me to go out to California and have my tripped ruined because I was NOT going to be a contestant on the Price is Right.  I was living a pipe dream.  People go out to California all the time thinking that they are going to make it and come back heartbroken. Well, when someone talks to me like this…I’m going to do  it…whatever it takes!!!! It’s like telling a child no or being dared, I guess. Also, that little voice in my head insisted he was wrong.

California is beautiful, but very crowded. I can understand why people would have road rage there.  It’s a mess…with no traffic it would take an hour to get to LA…but it takes about 3-4 hours.  So, by the time we got to the show they were not accepting any more contestants.  I still knew…I MEAN…I knew I was going to be on the Price is Right.  My step sister couldn’t come back the next day so I stayed at my cousin’s house.  I just met her, too.

The next morning we woke up at 4am…had to be at the studio by 8am. We arrived at the studio at 5:45am. I was contestant #202 for that taping they only accept 300 people.  The show doesn’t start until 1:50pm, so we had about 6 hours until we’re inside the studio.  We were able to leave, but we had to be back by 10am.  Well, we waited & waited.  I had NO doubt that I was going to be on The Price is Right.

When you have that much time to kill, you start talking to the other contestants. We started to play the games that are on the show.  We practiced how to run down the aisle.  We met some actors on the Young & Restless.  The show is taped next door.  The entire time we’re waiting we’re being taped by numerous cameras. The show picks people based on their personality.  The producers on the show don’t want a dud on the stage.  We were shuffled around from time to time and when this occurred we would meet other contestants.  Right before the producer, Mark Goodson, came out to ask every contestant a question…I called my Mom. She told me that if anyone could get on the show it would be me.

Well, my question was, “What do you do for a living?” I replied, “That doesn’t really matter I’ve traveled 3000 miles to be on The Price is Right.  I’m from Tampa…. my name is Lorilee Bell & my mother will kill me if I don’t get on the show.” Mark chuckled and said I don’t care…I replied…”well, I guess you’re not coming to the funeral.”

After your interview, you’re allowed in the studio. The contestants were getting very excited. Rod Rowdy came on the stage & was getting every one pumped up.  He briefly explained the rules & said when you are one of the first 4 contestants…you CAN NOT hear your name being called, so if your name is on the Q-Card…come on down….

The music starts up…the crowd is going wild…Dina, come on down, Dave come on down, April come on down, & Lorilee Bell come on down.  When I was running down the aisle…that little voice inside my head said, “I told you M*^t@% F*^k#@ (referring to my husband) I was going to be on The Price is Right.”

I was the first contestant on the show.  I was the last to bid & had the clear advantage.  The highest bid for a 32” TV was 880…I bid 881.  I played the Golden Road…& at the end of the ….Golden Road….is a prize that’s worth 62,000 dollars. Did I win it?  What was it??? A freaking huge motor home…I didn’t win it, but I won the two prizes before it…a chest and bunk beds. FYI…Bob Barker is very orange & there was no way I was going to give him a peck on the cheek.  He’s actually a little scary looking.

I couldn’t wait to get back home…to tell all my friends, family, & co-workers about my experience. Also, to see the looks on their faces and reactions to what they all said to me.

I had my 15 minutes of fame…I was interviewed twice…once on a local radio show & The Tampa Tribune.

The moral to this story is don’t listen to other people’s shit about what you can or can not do…life is a fantastic journey…so enjoy the ride….

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